Getting your share of available Energy Tax Credits

May be easier than you think.


Know Where You Stand.



The Prerequisites ... 

  • The person or organization that makes the expenditures for construction is generally the recipient of the allowed tax deductions. This is usually the building owner, but for some HVAC or lighting efficiency projects, it could be the tenant.  

  • Both new and existing commercial buildings qualify.

  • Project must be certified with inspection and testing to meet energy reductions.

  • Building must be located in the United States or its Territories.

  • Systems must be “placed in service” between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2013.


Do You Qualify at Either “Level”? 

  • Save 50% or more of a “whole” building’s projected annual energy costs across all three system components: (1) building   envelope, (2) interior lighting system, and (3) heating, cooling, ventilation & hot water systems … and you may be eligible     for a $1.80/sq. ft. tax credit.

  • Can’t meet the 50% qualifier?  You may be eligible for a “partial credit” of $0.60/sq. ft. for one of the three components … (1) building envelope (10% energy savings), (2) interior lighting (20%), or (3) heating, cooling, ventilation & hot water          systems (20%).


Are You Specifying Energy Efficient Equipment & Materials? 

  • High performance vertical glazing, thicker walls (additional wall, ceiling, floor and slab insulation), skylights, vestibules, insulated double-panel metal doors, highly reflective roofs and thermal roofs.

  • High efficiency HVAC units, VAV, economizers, ECM fan box motors, dedicated data room cooling unit, thermal energy storage systems, energy recovery systems, demand controlled ventilation (CO2 sensors), desiccant systems, pipe insulation, combined heat and power systems, instantaneous gas hot water systems.

  • T-8 lamps, Super T8 lamps, high-efficiency electronic ballasts, high efficiency fixtures, low-wattage metal halide lamps, compact fluorescent, T8 and T5HO hi-bay fixtures for warehouse lighting, daylighting controls, daylight harvesting, bi-level switching, occupancy sensors, automation panels, controls, circuiting and plug loads.

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While we have made great effort to describe these tax incentives accurately,

we cannot provide tax advice and suggest you contact a tax professional

with any questions specific to your situation.

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