CASCO strives to achieve leadership in the Architectural/Engineering industry as a national account, relationship oriented firm, providing highly responsive cost effective services of superior quality to each client on every project assignment.  This result is achieved by utilizing the "learning curve" efficiencies associated with repetition and a strong account management, prototype management, project management delivery system.


Our professional staff is currently licensed in every state except Alaska, as well as some U.S. Territories. We offer a broad spectrum of 'in-house' services supporting development programs including Architectural Design, Civil, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, as well as Landscape Design, Feasibility Analysis, Concept Costing, Construction Management, and Construction Administration. With such capabilities we are able to provide a rapid, integrated, cost effective, and energy efficient building while maintaining a personal level of service to our client.


Exceeding Client Expectations

  •  Delivering on Experience

  •  Quality Documents                 

  •  Reasonable Fees

  •  Timely Support

  •  Professional Guidance

Site Development Coordination

  • Site Development Coordination begins when the client has identified a potential site and can continue through the grand opening date.  During the Site Development coordination process, the CASCO site development coordinator (SDC) investigates and identifies all aspects of the project that could potentially affect the operations, construction costs and opening schedule.  These factors can be generally categorized as on-site constraints, off-site requirements, governmental/jurisdictional controls and lease/developer conditions.

  • The SDC coordinates jurisdictional approvals, site survey, geotechnical investigation, civil design and building construction documents.  CASCO analyzes these conditions and assist in determining a realistic schedule for building construction start, which in turn establishes the client's grand opening date.

Greenfield/Brownfield Program Support

  •  Pre-Feasibility Evaluation

  •  Development Feasibility Analysis

  •  Due Diligence Research

  •  Entitlement Approval Management

  •  Preliminary Site Planning

  •  Consultant Solicitation, Award & Coordination

  •  Seller/Client Negotiation Support

  •  Offsite Improvement Management

  •  LEED Certification/Sustainability Assessments/Energy Tax Credit Calculations

  •  Utility Rebates

Renovation Program Support             

  •  Building Surveys (Architectural and Engineering Existing Conditions)

  •  Electronic Base Plan Packages

  •  City/Utility Research and Contact

  •  Lease Outline Documents

  •  Fixture Plans (Traditional AutoCad or Intelligent Building Information Modeling)

  •  Exterior Elevation Studies

  •  Architectural and Engineering Construction Drawings  

  •  Permitting

Prototype Development

  •  Benefits of a Prototype

  •  Evolution & Maintenance of Prototype

  •  Compensation Methods

  •  Regional Application of a Prototype

  •  Client Owns his Prototype

Roll-Out Applications

  • A "sense of urgency" essential to ensure accomplishment of programmed development.

  • In-House civil, mechanical, electrical and structural engineering facilitating coordination and speed of response.

  • Professional registration/license to practice in every state except Alaska.

  • Project Managers to monitor and coordinate the project on the client's behalf.

  • Significant experience nationwide.

  • Computer Aided Design.

  • Building Information Modeling

Design & Engineering Process

  • CASCO's design and engineering process offers the benefits of a large company with the spirit  of a small consulting firm.  We are able to ensure our clients a totally integrated, cost effective and energy efficient building while maintaining a personal level of service and responsiveness unusual within the consulting industry. 

  • Our in-house architectural/engineering services enables us to offer complete architectural, structural, mechanical,  and electrical construction documents.  With such capabilities we are better able to control both Schedule ... to ensure performance within the typically compressed time frame ... and ... Coordination ... to ensure that no discipline is sub-optimized at the expense of others.

  • CASCO's ever-increasing expertise with Building Information Modeling (BIM), an interactive, three-dimensional, computer-generated construction document system, enables our team to present the client with a customized set of documents that can automatically inventory stock, detect conflicts and project "real-time" full color, 3-D images  for presentation and design review.  The end result is a "virtual lab" of the facility, where all elements of the facilities' process can be configured, reviewed, analyzed and implemented... without one piece of merchandise or one fixture actually being moved.  For CASCO and our clients, the future is now and the efficiencies it offers is but a step away.